64 Days of Love (Day Seventeen)

If you missed the earlier posts, see them here. In my role as a Technology Director (and more importantly as a father), I have come to realize that we have to engage the culture of the internet to turn it for good–64 Days of Love is my attempt to shine a bright light in what is an increasingly dark space.

Sleep. Yes. Sleep. One of the things I love most is getting enough sleep.

Most nights I’m lucky to be in bed by 11pm and up again at 5am. That means weekends and sleeping until 7 or 8am are so glorious!

Lately I have been staying up to make these posts if I didn’t find time during the day. It’s hard. I would rather sleep most times when faced with the prospect of missing a post day, but I am committed to posting every day.

So tonight as I lay in bed writing this on my phone and lighting up the room, the thing I love and cherish most is sleep. Goodnight!

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