64 Days of Love (Day Sixteen)

If you missed the earlier posts, see them here. In my role as a Technology Director (and more importantly as a father), I have come to realize that we have to engage the culture of the internet to turn it for good–64 Days of Love is my attempt to shine a bright light in what is an increasingly dark space.

Day 16 of these 64 Days of Love is all about the work of Brené Brown, but this post is specific to her talk about empathy. Brené’s imagery of empathy, not sympathy, was more than instructional for me–it was eye opening. The idea of “feeling with people”–right beside them is so much deeper than I had considered.

The idea of feeling with people instead of trying to make them feel better has changed my natural male inclinations. Connection with someone is the core of empathy and it has certainly softened the way I parent and the way I interact with my wife. It has increased the love my family feels from me and bettered my whole family.

Watch this short RSA video of her talk on Empathy to get a better idea of what I mean:

Brené’s work is amazing, and it’s not the last time I will post about it in these 64 Days of Love.

Extra: Here’s is Brené’s now infamous TED Talk.

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