64 Days of Love (Days Thirteen and Fourteen)

If you missed the earlier posts, see them here. In my role as a Technology Director (and more importantly as a father), I have come to realize that we have to engage the culture of the internet to turn it for good–64 Days of Love is my attempt to shine a bright light in what is an increasingly dark space.

Apparently day 14 is going to be about grace again since I was wiped out by a band competition on Saturday. Between being super tired on 5 hours sleep after a football game Friday and the sun taking it’s toll on me…I simply just missed it. Grace. SO MUCH GRACE.

My real post for Day 14 is about a program we are doing in Alamo Heights that is called Dude. Be Nice. I had not heard of it before comign to AHISD and I can see the profound impact it is having on our culture district-wide. Just the t-shirt alone is a subtle reminder to love those around us.

Learn more about Dude. Be Nice on their website and through the video below that highlights the work of AHISD’s ambassador Andrew Walton:

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