64 Days of Love (Day Eight)

If you missed Day OneTwoThreeFour, FiveSix, or Seven of the 64 Days of Love posts from last week, please read those first. In my role as a Technology Director (and more importantly as a father), I have come to realize that we have to engage the culture of the internet to turn it for good–64 Days of Love is my attempt to shine a bright light in what is an increasingly dark space.

Day Eight is pretty straightforward. Cowboy Mouth. The pride of New Orleans Soul Rock. I have loved them since the first time I saw them in concert. They are fun. They are entertaining. They are definitely a band that plays with so much life and love.

With songs like “Kelly Rippa” which is an ode to their infatuation with the daytime talkshow host, or “Belly” about the unusual body part that he loves on his wife–it is hard not to laugh with Cowboy Mouth. And with songs like “The Avenue” which delights in the love for a hurricane torn New Orleans, and “I Believe” which is an inspirational nod to the power of love to heal this world–it is hard not to love the heart of Cowboy Mouth.

Check out some of these songs below and tell me you do not feel more alive and more in love.

Kelly Rippa


The Avenue

I Believe

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