64 Days of Love

I have wrestled for a few months now with the tone of all the negativity I have seen on social media and the internet in general. One side ratchets up the negativity and the other all too often responds in kind. It is heartbreaking to watch as people flood the internet with such venom that it is deflating to even login to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just simply to read the comments on most online articles.

One of my many responsibilities as Technology Director is to help teach social media responsibility in the form of digital citizenship. It has honestly become increasingly more difficult in the hostile environment that the internet has fostered. However, in addition to being a Tech Director, I am more importantly a father that has to watch my kids wade into the shallow end of the internet and watch them as I wait for the first wave to hit them. Keeping them from the negativity of the internet is not preventable, it is inevitable.

So there I sat in my car driving my kids home from a weekend spent in Houston and mulling over what I could do when it hit me–if I want the internet to be more, to be better–than it starts with me. Every great journey started on a day, like today, and moment, like this moment, where a decision was made and we took a step forward.

So today, I start 64 Days of Love. I want to post one time a day the things that have given me hope in a world that needs it. 64 days before 2019 and I hope to post every day a portion of the love I have found in this world. Here’s the first one. Enjoy.

Love is the Protest.


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