It’s #TCEA 2018 … What are You Learning this Time Around TCEA Veterans?

I attend TCEA each year and each year I try to challenge myself on what to learn and look for throughout the conference. Attending the conference each year can make things seem like ritual and habit, but making a list of “look for this” learning opportunities keeps me mentally on my feet so I get the most of the conference time. So here is my list:

1) Innovative Space Design

Designing learning spaces is a hot topic and one that I am investing more and more into understanding the implications on learners and teachers. Through our blended learning projects in my school district we are engaging teachers on a weekly basis in conversations around seating options, classroom layout, student ownership of the classroom, and so much more. I am hoping to see not only how some are designing their spaces but also how they are leading the charge for spaced design and funding that work.

2) Blended/Innovative Learning

We have been engaged in blended learning for over 3 years as a district. We have iterated and refined our learning and application of blended learning models across the K-12 spectrum. My goal for blended is to engage with those that have also been invested in the process of implementing blended and then glean from their experiences so we can continue to scale our work effectively as a district.

3) The Unexpected

Each year I am looking for the thing I did not expect as well. I do not know what it will be but I know it when I see it. Past experiences had me listening to Angela Maiers talk on the #youmatter movement, discovering the passion of Braeden’s Art (h/t to Rafranz), sharing mustaches with Steve Dembo, karaoke-ing with 500 of my closest EdTech friends. What will this year hold?

4) That One Guy/Gal (or a few)!

No. Not THAT that one, but that one that will challenge my point of view and give me a target to grow towards. In the past that has meant befriending great thinkers and leaders like Todd Nesloney, George Couros, Tom Murray, Shannon Miller, Greg Garner, Amy Mayer, and many more. Look around! There are great people who impact your life in amazing ways for many years to come!

So, TCEA Veterans, what are your learning look-fors? Share with me @jamielocklin using #tcea (fyi #tcea18 and #tcea2018 are popular but not the official hashtag)