Professional Learning…and a whole lot of it too!

This past week has been an incredibly rewarding week filled with professional learning at every turn! The week started out with the amazing staff of Dahlstrom Middle School as they discovered the beginnings about innovative classrooms and blended learning alongside myself, Tracy Mulligan, Eric Rodriguez, and Ann Debolt. I was inspired to find that these teachers are excited to embrace innovative practices and follow the lead of their new principal Dr. Watson.

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That led to my favorite part of the week when the librarians and library technicians in my district returning to learn at LibraryCon 2017. LibraryCon Social Media Size.png

I cannot even begin to tell you how fun this group is and just how precious they are to me! This group laughed, learned, dialogued, and shared their hearts, knowledge and expertise all around the room. They even offered me prayers when I was forced to leave after receiving bad news about my father in Houston. (Thankfully he’s doing alright as of this writing, but prayers are still needed as we learn more.)

EGES Awesome BossyCarrieLibrarians

As you go back to school, make sure you give some love to your librarian and invite them to help you plan engaging lessons and amazing experiences in your classroom!

And now, I’m working on (and looking forward to) next week’s learning! Look at all of this awesomeness to come! And make sure you follow the hashtags of all the events.


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It’s a new school year…ALREADY?!?

I am not quite sure HOW it happened, but it did. AGAIN! Every year like clock work (or calendar work I guess) Summer turns to Fall a month earlier than it is actually scheduled to and millions of teaching professionals go “back to work”.

Now, I put that last phrase in quotations because those outside of the teaching community truly believe we were on vacation and sipping mai tais on a beach somewhere. The reality, though, is that most of us spent our “vacation” time cramming in all the knowledge we could handle while our brains were back on loan to us from the communities we serve.

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Personally, I know that while my staff was gone I took¬†advantage of the opportunities to read research-based practical information that would improve my ability to help coaches and teachers across my learning community. The “vacation” from the grind of teaching (or in my case coaching teachers) actually afforded me the time that is necessary to get better at what I do–helping coach teachers!

And now here we are! A new year has begun and teachers are back in trainings and ramping up their skills for the new year. I am excited to get this year going and ecstatic to have part of my team back to learn beside me! Library staff comes back next week and then we are off!

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