This Year I Resolve…


The new year is here and that means it is time for New Year’s Resolutions. Every year thousands of people make New Year’s resolutions with all the best intentions. Gym memberships are bought or renewed, health food aisles at markets are filled with new people, book stores see a spike in sales as reading goals are set, savings accounts begin to grow with renewed vigor, and the world is filled with the best intentions.  Too often, that is the end of it all though.

Resolutions are great ideas, do not misunderstand me, but it is not the resolution that makes a difference–that takes discipline. Discipline is what gets those who are in shape to gym after their resolve has left them. Discipline is what keeps those in the health food aisle over the candy aisle. Discipline is what helps goals that are set become accomplishments, whether it is books read or money saved. The difference in this world is made by those with discipline.

I have friends who accomplished much more than they probably dreamed in 2016. Friends who published books (see Carl Hooker or George Couros), friends that adopted children, friends that saved their marriages, friends that overcame cancer, friends who lost 50+ pounds, friends that went on dream vacations, friends who took dream jobs, and so many more things. It is easy to sit on this side of their successes and think how “blessed/lucky they are” or how “great it must be” only to miss the struggle that led to their success that required more discipline than most could imagine, certainly more than I have been able to muster. adobe-spark

So this year I resolve to grow in discipline. A discipline that will allow me to see many more successes than I could list here or ever “resolve” to accomplish. My hope, my dream, my prayer is for discipline–a discipline that overcomes my mind and body and moves me to accomplish great things.  I know that this year will not be easy–discipline is never easy–but good things come to those who work hard for it–not just those who wait.